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Who is Buzz Garvey and why does he have a website? I am Buzz Garvey and I created this and many other websites. I started Saved14 Web Page Design after learning about HTML in a college computer class. Since I'm an artist I found creating websites to be like drawing. Take a blank screen and create something from nothing. Once I started I couldn't stop.

I'm a U.S. Navy Veteran, a retired police officer, an ordained Christian minister, and a Christian biker. I've been riding motorcycles for over 37 years now I ride for God, tattoos and all. I'm married and have a wonderful wife and a great teenage son. Life is good and all because of the blessings of Christ.

As you look through my pages you'll see some of the events from my past. I wasn't always a Christian and only by the grace of God have I survived my "Stupid Years". But all this experience, good and bad, makes me the man I am today and gives me a great testimony to tell others of the works of Jesus.

Click Here to see the bikes of Buzz over the years.

“You haven't lived until you live for the Lord”

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