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Kurt J. Jacobsen
November 13, 1963 - April 8, 2002
Rest in Peace Shipmate





Welcome to Squid World!

The Lunatic Fringe were three sailors that developed a friendship while serving onboard the USS Missouri BB63 during the eighties. At first, this site was designed for them and as a way to stay in contact. I later added photos from my other ship, Uss Whipple FF1062 (Please, no toilet paper jokes!).

Now it is a place to remember a Navy that no longer exists.

Both of the ships I served on have been mothballed and stricken from the navy lists. The Missouri is now a floating museum in Hawaii and the Whipple was sold to the Mexican Navy. (Mmmmm.... Toilet paper and mexican food. No, I won't go there)

The 1980's was the last time a sailor could be a sailor. Political Correctness, Military Down Sizing, the end of the Cold War, and other changes have made the Navy of old a thing of the past. I was fortunate enough to serve durng this era when you could be and experience the classic swabbie. My Prez, Ronnie Reagan loved his military and the U.S. Navy sailed the seven seas showing the flag and knowing it was the biggest, meanest, kid on the block.


So here's to those days of glory when being a Sailor was special and being a Shellback a title of honor!


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