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Kurt J. Jacobsen
November 13, 1963 - April 8, 2002
Rest in Peace Shipmate





Crew Pictures - These pictures were provided by Mike Phillips, another former Whipple crew member. I use to hang out with the guys from the sonar gang. I think listening to all those sonar "PING" noise made them a little strange so I fit right in. As always, click on the picture to open large version.

STG2 Bruce Musto

STG1 Brad Leagues and STG2 Mike Phillips

STG3 Mike Falk

STG2 Musto and STG2 Phillips

STG3 Jacobsen

STG2 Musto on Needle Gun duty

STG2 Mike McDivett and STG2 Oscar Yglesias

STG3 Jacobsen

STG2 Oscar Yglesias

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