A glimpse of the 1980's U.S. Navy


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Kurt J. Jacobsen
November 13, 1963 - April 8, 2002
Rest in Peace Shipmate





Liberty and Stuff - Click on the picture to open large version.

Subic City Fun

The Bamboo Bar

More Subic City Fun

The Bamboo Bar again

and Again.
Does that come in Blue?
Zoltar and Heathman shop for PI Fashions
Hi, sorry  I didn't get you something

A medal? For me!!!??
One of the many Division patches onboard

My little bit of space
Home, Sweet Home
Prior to USN Corruption!

RTC Orlando, 1980
We joined the USN together
FR Teachey
Too Cool!
Buzz Jr. playing Squid
Drunk and Strange!

Messages for the Masses!
Loosing it at Sea?
Send Me Your Pictures or I'll shoot this Squid!
Check out the lack of a magizine on that rifle

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