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Kurt J. Jacobsen
November 13, 1963 - April 8, 2002
Rest in Peace Shipmate





Uss Missouri photos - Click on the picture to open large version.

The Card!
The Key to the Domain of the Satin Woman
The Lunatic Fringe
The Lunatic Fringe Then
The Lunatic Fringe Now!
Buzz hard at work
Mercenary in training
A good navy haircut
Zoltar gets a haircut
Click here to see the end result!
Off With His Head!!!
Remember this guy? He looks different with his head intact
I'm soooo cool!
Oxolex in Turkey
Like a Vacation Crusie only with guns
Underway in the Sun
How did this happen?
Senior Chief Ozium
Another day, another port
Dawn at Sea
I'm too Cool!
The wandering Ozium
Heathman Size Drinks
I'm too sexy for my ship!
Fetus and Turk strike a pose
A little attention getter
5 inch Gun Firing
Never Forget!
Pear Harbor, Dec 7, 1991
When you care to send the very Best!
Firing The Big Ones!
Strike One!
Fire One!
Strike Two!
Fire Two!
Strike Three, You're Out!
Fire Three
The Yonce Creature!
Soda Run!!!
Your Bet
The fellows playing cards in Turkey
Yea, I trust you!
Oxolex and the Trudgeman in the Pers Office
Don't sit up too quick!!!
Your typical navy bed. Do you smell feet?
Look what we got!
Trudge and Turk return from liberty in Turkey!
Who? Me?
"Kernl" Perez hard at work
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Damage Control Booklet from the MO
Master Blaster!
PNCM(SW) Fleeks
Where are you Master Blaster?
Not to be confused with the OJ trial
Sea Trial Booklet
Hi Mom!
Hanging out with the Big Guns
Faces only a mother could love!
Me and the Fetus
Hey Dave, Duck!
Pn2 Miller waiting for Hollywood to call
Thirsty Squids!!!
Diego Garcia Party Time
Turk prepares to torture wogs
I've got mine, where are yours?
Ozium and Peavy swap sea stories
You want orders to where?!
NCC1 Buchanan consulting with Master Blaster
Wiggle Worm
Who dropped this Fetus on the floor?
Death to the Massess!
Ernie allows no access to his brain

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