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Kurt J. Jacobsen
November 13, 1963 - April 8, 2002
Rest in Peace Shipmate





Say Cheeze!

Pictures - Pleasant memories or proof of wicked deeds? Believe it or not, sailors used to visit foriegn ports and get drunk! And here before you is living proof. Well not living but picture proof. Times have changed a lot since these photos were taken. The P.I. is just a memory and the great soviet threat is no more, but back in the day sailors worked hard and partied harder. Looking back it's a wonder we won the cold war. Ahh, to be young and stupid again.

Uss Missouri Pictures
Pictures of the ship, the crew, and strange things.
Uss Whipple Pictures
Remember, at sea nobody can hear you scream.
Assorted Squid Pictures
Includes those classic drunk liberty pictures!
World War II Pictures
And we thought we had it tough!
Crew Pictures
Photos submitted by crew members

Missouri side shot


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