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Kurt J. Jacobsen
November 13, 1963 - April 8, 2002
Rest in Peace Shipmate





Uss Whipple photos - Click on the picture to open large version.

Skate Punk!
Kallstrom and I got in trouble for skating on the bow while underway
Pineapple Fleet
Uss Whipple FF-1062
Skate Punk Part 2!
Kallstrom and I skated in every port the Whipple hit, even Diego Garcia!
New Wave Squid!!!
I never learned to play that thing
WWF Navy Style
Getting ready to give Otis a smack down
The Mean LPO
Put down that camera and get back to work!
Wog Roy gets the treatment crossing the line.
Remember these things?
The Davy Jones Work Out
Wetting down the wogs
Big Smile!
Ross hanging out with the PN's
Don't leave the ship without it!
Liberty Card
A long time ago....
Young Zoltar on the Whipple
Mr. Kern proves snakes go better with coke
Flight Quarters!
Helo inbound - Maybe it's mail!
SEALS on the Whipple
MMC Constance's Book
Don't Rock the Boat!
Small Boat Operations
Fill her up and check the oil
Forward Refuel
Let's Party!
Invite from the Land Down Under
What did I do last night??
QM3 Derek Iltis
Who? Me?
Doc Williams
Long Hair and Beards!
QM3 Murrain
I'm really not drunk
Tijuana Mexico - from our San Diego Visit
Where's the Beer?
Otis and me in Singapore
Yes, I am really drunk
STGSN Jacobsen and OSSN Schmidt in Hong Kong
Last Day on the Whipple
PN2 McConnell
Drunk Frank
OS3 Frank Anderson
MM3 Brewer and MM2 Smith
Smile for the camera!
GMG3 Brophy and BM3 Curnow
Is that a shark out there?
Lowering the motor whaleboat


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