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Kurt J. Jacobsen
November 13, 1963 - April 8, 2002
Rest in Peace Shipmate





World War II Photos

As far back as I can remember, I've had a love of history and military collecting. I started as a small child watching military and history related TV programs with my father, a WWII/Korean War Navy veteran. As a crew member on a landing craft in the south pacific, he participated in several amphibious landings. He also spent some time on shore as a grunt after having his boat destroyed.

Almost all my relatives were sailors so I guess it was pre-determined that I would go in the Navy after listening to their sea stories. It was amazing how much had changed and yet so much stayed the same. These pictures are from my dad's photo album and consist of some from the south pacific to the Tex/Mex border.

My father passed away in 1991, however his memory and his message will live on. My seven year old son and I watch the History Channel and collect together. My dad would have liked him.

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