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Well that got your attention —One of the best things about the internet is the amount of FREE stuff available. All the games on this page were developed by smart people and posted on the web for all to download and use for free. Why? Well, they could be communist - but there aren't many of those left theses days. They could be legally insane but that's doubtful also. I just think they like to create and what good is making something if you don't share it. Just look at GOD. GOD created everything we see (and can't see) and then made us just so he could share the universe with us. So sometime during your busy day take a few moments to enjoy life and have a little fun. Also remember GOD and thank him for what He has done for you.

DISCLAIMER — This site was created for your fun and amusement. If you have fun and amuse yourself at work you may find that your boss is not amused. Bosses typically have little or no sense of humor. If you get caught playing games on company time, you may find yourself with alot of free time to play games.

If after reading this you still wish to chance it, learn to quickly use the screen minimize button, re-arrange your workstation with your back to the wall, or bribe a co-worker to be a lookout. Just make sure that co-worker is not competing with you for the next promotion.

Play this classic game against the computer
How good is your memory? Look at a face and then try to re-arrange it
Another test to see if your mind is still working.
Test your knowledge of U.S. President with this hangman style game.
Guess a number and the computer tells you what it is.
A shooting game where you try to blast the red balls.
Street Hockey
A newer version of the old ping pong game.
Test your skill without going to the gun range
See how many words you can find in the block.
Follow the pattern and test your mind - again.
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